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Cafeteria Menus

Our Cafeteria Staff: Staff to be Updated Soon

Updated Meal Prices for the 2020 - 2021 School Year

MEAL PRICES 2020-21.pdf
MEAL PRICES 2020-21_SPAN.pdf

Things Get a Little Hectic at Home in the Mornings?

Well Leave Breakfast to Us!

Nutritious Choices

School meals meet federal nutrition requirements. Students can select from a variety of entrees, fruits, and vegetables. Students begin building healthy eating habits that will last a life time.

Great Taste

Menus include a wide variety of appetizing and flavorful offerings.


Don't worry about preparing breakfast or lunch. We'll do it for you.

As an added convenience the schools will allow you to prepay for meals so you do not have to scramble for money in the morning. (See our kitchen manager for details).


What is the Cost?

Breakfast in the Classroom is FREE to all students every school day.


If you qualify for free/reduced meals:

  • FREE

If you qualify for paid meals:

  • $1.60 Breakfast

  • $2.90 Lunch

Note: A ½ pint of milk is included with each meal. Milk choices include: 1% strawberry, 1% chocolate, and 1% low fat milk, and/or skim milk.

Are you looking for part-time work while your children attend school? If you are interested in working for Nutrition Services, apply at 1085 Peoria, Aurora, CO.